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Russia/Poland index

Listing Russia/Poland requests and fills from hetalia_kink

Last updated: 2010-07-20

2008-12-13 Bloodplay, mental abuse, psycho!Russia to the extreme
2009-01-12 Hatesex
2009-05-21 Russia/Poland first time/general brutality, Lithuania forced voyeurism
2009-01-26 Warsaw becomes Russia's capital
2009-09-28 Russia apologizes to Poland
2009-11-29 Nazi Germany & Russia x Poland
2010-01-06 Russia invades Poland (artfill)
2010-02-08 First time, non-con
2010-04-06 Russia asserting his control over Poland through bladder control

2008-11-07 Some form of humiliation. Super bonus points if Russia forces Poland to speak russian
2008-11-27 Halloween rape!; a "continuation" of this Halloween strip
2008-12-09 Corset piercings
2009-01-07 As an old saying goes: "whom I cudgel, him also I hug"
2009-01-09 Poland goes to Russia and wants to know what he did to Lithuania
2009-01-10 Nazi-Soviet Pact: GermanyxPolandxRussia at the same time
2009-03-17 faucet!rape, ball-gag, and possibly Russia finding something 'useful' for Poland to do with his mouth
2009-03-28 Solidarność!Poland/Russia
2009-04-01 Polish officials make hints about the possibility of Russia joining NATO. Russia takes this for a sign of Poland's secret desire to be one with him
2009-06-22 So apparently someone in Russia decided that WWII was Poland's fault. This calls for some angsty fic
2009-07-16 Russia-Prussia-Austria/Poland, the Partitions of Poland
2009-07-19 Poland is the only country that is not afraid of Russia. At first, it annoyed Russia, then it started to turn him on...
2009-09-27 Poland reaches his breaking point after WW2. Russia takes advantage of the situation to make them one
2009-09-28 Poland finally tries to get his revenge on Russia by dressing up as a girl, getting into their capital and seducing one of their bosses
2009-10-03 Dancing
2009-10-09 Russia gets revenge on Poland for Moscow
2009-11-05 Getting off on power
2009-11-07 Poland + Russia + vodka = win?
2009-11-14 Russia/Poland/America
2009-11-16 100% consensual. They both want it and enjoy it
2010-01-05 Russia loves to torture Poland, but why?
2010-01-08 Russia/Poland that isn't hateful
2010-01-09 Fem!Poland wants to be one with Russia
2010-01-10 How Poland took Russia's virginity
2010-01-12 Russia/America/Poland, lots of humor, snark & banter is preferred
2010-03-03 Russia/Poland rape, with Liet/Pol aftermath
2010-03-03 Russia gains a new obsession, the strong-willed and proud Poland
2010-03-28 Russia decides to focus on one country at the time, beginning with Poland
2010-05-11 Consensual, a more or less healthy and loving relationship in modern times
2010-05-14 Drinking vodka together and arguing over which of them makes the best kind..
2010-07-18 Infantilism



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