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Femslash Request Index

Listing femslash requests from hetalia_kink
Fills can be found here

Last updated: 2010-08-20

2008-10-21 Foodplay
2009-04-11 Flesh-to-flesh, no toys
2009-08-01 Bondage
2009-08-02 No Russia involved
2009-09-02 At a birthday party
2009-09-02 Getting tired of Belarus fawning/stalking Russia and showing her what she's been missing
2009-10-05 Something pertaining to Chernobyl
2010-01-15 Belarus penetrating her with a strap-on
2010-01-25 Futa!Belarus/futa!Ukraine smut~
2010-06-05 Let big sister take care of you...

2009-09-28 Smut

2010-06-05 Punishing someone she thinks had sex with her brother
2010-08-19 Passion

2009-09-02 Anything goes!
2010-01-05 Liechtenstein is fascinated by Ukraine's boobs

2009-06-01 Ukraine/a (younger) female nation, introducing her to sex

2010-03-06 Hungary isn't as innocent as Belarus would like to believe. Each one tries, in her own way, to top
2010-03-25 Hungary x Belarus? In that order, too...
2009-10-03 Treating each others wounds

2009-10-07 Hungary comforting Ukraine who's worried sick about her brother and the path he is taking
2010-07-20 Development of a romantic relationship, either during the Soviet Union or during present time

2008-10-31 Hungary takes Liechtenstein under her wing
2009-01-04 Symmetrical docking
2010-03-26 Hungary/Liechtenstein yuri
2010-04-11 Lichtenstein is a virgin looking to Hungary as a rolemodel...

2009-09-27 Bubble Tea is good for you
2009-10-02 Hungary's so beat-you-up and Taiwan's so gets-beaten-up...

2009-08-02 Fulfilling Austria's yuri fantasy
2009-11-04 For once, Austria is the one watching...not that his wife/ex-wife knows any better
2010-01-06 Fed up with Hungary's constant spying one maile nation sets her up with a girl...
2010-02-15 Trying to make their respective boyfriends jealous but falls for each other, Belarus or Ukraine

2009-05-29 Hungary/Romania, they are like cat and dog...
2010-01-05 Fucking Stalingrad. We´re going to freeze, let´s share body heat.

2010-01-05 Prince/princess theme
2010-06-01 Scissoring

2010-08-16 Switzerland walks in

Other pairings
2009-10-09 Luxembourg x Belgium
2009-10-17 Belgium/Hungary with both of them pretending to be another country
2010-01-24 India/Taiwan, arranged romance from their bosses
2010-02-21 Belarus/Seychelles - Sensory overload & Pillow biting

Any pairing
2009-11-04 Female nations having a slumberparty
2010-02-08 Any canon female nation pairing, involving pregnancy or babies
2010-04-11 Established lesbian couple having consensual BDSM
2010-04-11 Happy sex
2010-05-10 Non-con femslash
2010-07-17 Yuri tropes and cliches
2010-07-20 Pregnancy
2010-08-15 Want to have a baby

Threesomes or more
2010-03-03 Hungary/Liechtenstein/Ukraine
2010-07-18 Nation in heat: Liechtenstein, yuri orgy

2009-02-23 FEM!Germany/FEM! North Italy
2009-03-01 fem!Sweden/fem!Finland, reunion sex
2009-03-09 Femme!France wants payment for helping Femme!US during the revolution
2009-05-28 Belarus/Fem Russia, Russia as the dominate one
2009-06-02 Hungary/Fem!Prussia
2009-06-29 Sealand walking in on femSweden and femFinland having sex
2009-07-14 fem!South Korea, fem!Japan and fem!China
2009-08-11 fem!Russia abusing fem!Latvia
2009-08-24 Belarus' obsessive love for her sister femRussia
2009-09-30 Female Austria/Hungary first time
2009-10-22 Feme!France x Feme!England, Victorian era
2009-11-03 Fem!Poland/fem!Lithuania
2009-11-04 Genderbent Gakuen!Hetalia verse
2009-11-08 Russia and America, roleplay and cosplay
2010-01-05 Fem!Spain/Fem!Romano
2010-01-05 Fem!Canada/Belgium with maple syrup
2010-01-09 Fem!RussiaxFem!Lithuania - cunnilingus
2010-02-15 Serious Love Story genderbent fic with detailed lesbian sex
2010-03-02 Fem!Germany/Fem!Italy, Fem!Italy is good at being a girly girl!
2010-03-13 Elizabeth I/fem!England
2010-03-24 Fem! Germany and Fem! Italy during WW2
2010-03-30 fem!Korea being consensually groped/fingered by another woman
2010-04-09 Fem!America/Fem!Japan. The 1990s. The period when America gets into anime
2010-05-10 fem!France/fem!England smut with dirty talk
2010-06-03 Fluffy fem!Estonia/Fem!Finland
2010-06-03 Hungary/fem!Austria, experimenting with toys
2010-06-02 fem!US/fem!UK
2010-07-19 fem!Greece/fem!Japan - cute flirting
2010-07-23 Hungary/Fem!Austria--- yaoi doujinshi
2010-08-15 Fem!RusxFem!Can - Exhibitionism
2010-08-18 Fem!Germany/Fem!America with England and Prussia watching
2010-08-20 Fem!Denmark/Fem!Iceland/Fem!Norway, Threesome



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May. 19th, 2010 09:04 am (UTC)
I think the Belarus/Ukraine, Something pertaining to Chernobyl has been filled, at the past part fills index~
Dec. 17th, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
Both of these have been filled.

Belarus/Seychelles - 2009-09-28 Smut (http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/10960.html?thread=19857104#t19857104) Fill - S'il Vous Plait (http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/17465.html?thread=60344889#t60344889)

2010-08-15 Want to have a baby (http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/17337.html?thread=50009785#t50009785) Fill - [Belarus/Seychelles] Just Ours (http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/17465.html?thread=62324025#t62324025)
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