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Cuba Index

Listing Cuba requests and fills from hetalia_kink

Last updated: 2010-08-20


2008-10-31 Russia/Canada/Cuba! COMMUNISM SANDWICH
2009-01-04 Cuba mistakes America for Canada
2009-09-06 CubaxCanada Smut
2009-10-18 Cuba finds Canada sitting outside in a torrential downpour, thoroughly depressed...
2009-02-28 Canada/Cuba, blowjobs
2009-03-09 Accidental stimulation while Cuba is teaching Canada to dance
2009-03-11 First kiss (artfill)
2009-08-08 Cuba and Canada are having fun hanging out at Canada's house when something happens to upset Canada...
2009-09-28 Cuba and America don't agree on anything, except that those dirty Europeans need to keep their hands off Matthew...
2009-11-25 Cuba/America, Cuban cigars
2009-12-09 America gives Cuba a 'redneck shotgun talk'
2010-01-18 Cuba/Iceland
2010-06-02 Cuba/Canada artfill
2010-06-22 Humiliation kink, Cuban Revolution and Russia being the good guy for once
2010-07-28 Cuba/England


2008-08-15 America liberating Cuba from Spain during Spanish-American war, then abuse using Platt Amendment
2008-12-08 Cuba/Canada fic set in HS AU
2009-01-23 "For Cuba and US, making up is hard to do."
2009-03-10 Cuba+Puerto Rico, puerto rico being a female
2009-03-24 Cuba remained a possession of Spain for almost 400 years
2009-04-02 A friendship/bromance/camaraderie/smut/romance/UST/what have you between Cuba and Russia
2009-04-24 Russia/America/Canada/Cuba in a messy complicated foursome relationship
2009-04-25 America and Cuba try to set aside their differences and start talking to each other again. Canada mediates
2009-04-29 Cuba thinks Canada needs to be more loose so he drags him to a party, with all the Caribbean countries in it!
2009-06-26 Canada somehow gets both France and Cuba pregnant at the same time
2009-07-16 Cuba/Sealand
2009-07-16 Spain and his American colonies...
2009-08-02 China/Russia/Cuba/-->US, Seduction, commie style
2009-09-03 Date at the beach, CubaxCanada
2009-09-26 The reason why Cuba deals better with all the other nations of the world than he does with all his Caribbean neighbors is because they're all temperamental, violent women
2009-10-01 Cuba/Canada Human AU
2009-10-19 RussiaCanadaCuba
2009-11-16 Canada/Cuba Wedding
2010-01-23 In which Cuba Mistakes America for Canada and-
2010-01-24 Need more Cuba (anything goes request)
2010-01-28 Cuba to the rescue! (Canada/Cuba)
2010-02-15 Cuba/Vietnam
2010-02-19 Cuba, Canada, China and Prussia all hanging out together...
2010-02-20 America and Cuba custody battle over their love child Guantanamo Bay
2010-03-01 canada x Cuba beach sex
2010-03-11 America/Cuba OR Cuba/America
2010-05-11 Cuba/Prussia, Cayo Ernesto Thaelmann island
2010-06-03 America/Cuba/Canada/Russia FOURSOME!
2010-07-17 Fem!America, Cuba- Stuck in an elevator
2010-07-22 Cuba/America onesidded, bitter, and full of fantasies



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