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Hungary/Prussia index

Listing Hungary/Prussia requests and fills from hetalia_kink

Last updated: 2010-08-20


2009-01-04 chibi!Hungary/chibi!Prussia
2008-09-15 Prussia trying to seduce Hungary and getting pretty far before she kicks his ass with a frying pan
2008-12-04 hurt/comfort hatesex
2008-12-12 Hungary seduces Prussia and then humiliates him.
2009-01-03 Puppy love no more
2009-01-23 Arguing like crazy, then suddenly start to make out
2009-03-22 Hungary feeling... empty, using sex to fill the void
2009-04-05 Hungary makes Prussia her own sex-slave
2009-04-16 Hungary puts viagra in Prussia's beer as a joke with sexy consequences
2009-04-27 teen!Prussia and Hungary - Hormones
2009-04-27 Hormones Suck
2009-04-30 Pied-Piper-of-Hamelin!Prussia seducing Hungary
2009-05-22 Bath time
2009-06-06 Prussia dressing up as Austria, trying to get into Hungary's pants
2009-11-03 Prussia finally manages to top!
2010-01-26 Hungary x Fem!Prussia (artfill)
2010-02-19 Hungary really is a guy, but his flower hairclip turns him into a girl
2010-05-16 Prussia and stolen(!) Hungary's panties
2010-06-25 Hungary/fem!Prussia, foot fetish
2010-06-27 Gakuen!AU where Elizaveta sneaks into Gilbert's room to give him a blowjob
2010-07-18 Future AU; Surviving on a Dying Planet
2010-07-28 Dorky first time

2009-02-25 Austria and Hungary tag-teaming Prussia, and Prussia liking it.
2009-03-05 Hungary topping Austria and Prussia
2009-03-13 Prussia to his surprise gets totally topped by the (married) couple
2009-05-03 Five times Hungary watched and the one time she joined in
2009-05-20 Hungary really isn't a girl, Austria knows and Prussia finds out


2008-07-30 Hatesex
2008-09-25 femdom goodness (kinky outfits and crop whip are a must)
2008-10-17 Hungary tops unwilling Prussia
2008-12-10 Nursing Prussia back to health
2008-12-29 Prussia getting completely, utterly dominated by Hungary
2009-01-03 BDSM!continuation of the Christmas special
2009-01-03 Masquerade ball
2009-01-04 Hungary taking it; no strap-ons!
2009-03-05 Debating what is better: tokaji or beer
2009-03-08 A rather weak Hungary gets a visit from Prussia
2009-03-10 Hungary topping Prussia and angry sex
2009-03-11 Anything with handcuffs, fishnet, leather, maybe some torture or orgasm denial
2009-03-15 Hungary x frying pan x Prussia
2009-03-18 Awkward sexual tension, neither one wanting to be the first to give in
2009-03-20 Prussia being damn right filthy in his 'seducing' of Hungary
2009-03-23 Hungary pushed against a closed door
2009-03-28 Hate/love sex filled with wonderful foreplay
2009-04-03 Hungary goes on vacation visiting GDR!Prussia, and he shows her around in a Trabant
2009-04-08 Prussia is actually sweet to her, and if Hungary has to teach him how to touch a girl
2009-04-06 GDR!Prussia/Hungary hurt/comfort after the 1956 revolution
2009-04-19 male!HungaryxPrussia
2009-04-23 GDR!Prussia/Hungary interaction, built around their shared fear/hatred/spite/whatever of Russia
2009-04-23 Prussia and Russia teaming up on Hungary to 're-educate' her with a threesome
2009-04-25 Prussia grows a backbone, throws Hungary down...
2009-05-02 Prussia makes Hungary his own little pet
2009-05-02 Song-fic, with Taylor Swift's 'Love Story'
2009-05-03 Tease and denial
2009-05-03 Prussia And Hungary Make a Porno
2009-05-25 Elizabetha realizing she actually loves Gilbert
2009-05-26 Male!Hungary/Fem!Prussia
2009-06-02 Hungary/Fem!Prussia
2009-06-27 Established relationship
2009-08-07 Making Nice
2009-08-11 Hardcore SMUT!!!
2009-08-14 Perverted Gym Teacher!Prussia/Schoolgirl in Gym Uniform!Hungary
2009-08-30 Prussia getting Hungary pregnant
2009-08-31 Hungary wakes up a man and molests Prussia
2009-10-18 Horseback archery revival
2009-11-09 Futanari!Hungary completely dominating Prussia
2009-11-14 Staying sane in the USSR
2010-01-07 Germany/Hungary/Prussia, WW2 related
2010-01-10 Male!Hungary & Fem!Prussia
2010-01-30 Prussia/Hungary, anything goes
2010-02-06 Male!Hungary toppin' Prussia
2010-02-07 Hungary and Prussia bonding behind the Iron Curtain
2010-02-08 Prussia/Hungary/North Italy
2010-02-18 Hungary tops the hell out of Prussia with a strap-on
2010-03-24 Prussia/Hungary - rape followed by non-con watersports
2010-06-01 Priest!Prussia and Hungary, secret pregnancy
2010-06-01 Breast bondage
2010-06-02 Dorky first time
2010-06-24 Fisting
2010-07-17 Vampire!Mangary/Werewolf fem!Prussia - Supernatural AU
2010-07-19 Prussia/Hungary + Turkey
2010-08-17 Sex Blogging -- AWESOMENESS and The Good Girl
2010-08-19 Titanic AU

2009-03-18 Prussia/Hungary/Fem!Austria - light bondage
2009-03-25 Austria/Hungary/Prussia. Valentine's Day
2009-04-04 Prussia/Austria/Hungary, in that order
2009-06-19 Prussia/Austria, with Hungary as a voyeur. Eventually, they all end in a threesome
2009-08-13 Hungary sexing up Prussia while dom!Austria directs them
2010-01-15 Austria/Hungary/Prussia Who's the Daddy?
2010-02-05 Hot, un-angsty sex
2010-02-08 Prussia is depressed that he is all alone on Valentine's day so he crashes Hungary's place...
2010-06-01 Hungary/Prussia/Austria menage a trois in the literal sense
2010-06-23 Loving threesome



Oct. 6th, 2010 08:57 am (UTC)
for Hungary/Prussia, didn't see this request listed: http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/6850.html?thread=8875970#t8875970

for Frying pangle:

Prussia/Hungary/Fem!Austria - light bondage

College au, Austria is torn between them, Prussia and Hungary used to date

vaginal DP

Austria and Hungary have a Lavender marriage, Prussia ends up with both of them


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