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2010 Winter Olympics Index

Listing Olympic requests and fills from hetalia_kink 
I did this pretty quickly, so please tell me if I missed anything.

Updated: 1010-03-23

Filled requests

Opening Ceremonies
The Olympics/Canada
Sweden vs Denmark, curling
Plushenko!Russia and Johnny Weir!America (artfill)
Stressed out!Canada and good (younger) bro!America
Evgeni Plushenko is actually Russia (several fills)
Norway in the curling pants
scary!Russia calmed down by America
Russia comforts Plushenko
Canada's Olympic Diary
USA vs Canada Gold medal game
Canada, after winning the Olympics, tops the fuck out of France
Canada/US, Canada won the hockey match
Olympic Hockey Aftermath

Unfilled requests

The competition between the nation-tans
"Party in the USA"
Every Nation involved in the Olympics tries to talk Canada down from his suicidal state after losing Prussia at the Olympics
No! That's my medal you asshole!
Olympic Athletes AU
Korea watching the Olympics
China, Russia and figure skating medals
"The World is Watching Vancouver"
Canada x Everyone
Cold War on Ice 2010 Winter Olympics edition
"All Olympic medals will become one with Mother Russia, da?"
Plushenko/Lysacek with embarassed/shocked voyeurs America and Russia
Alfred and JR Celski, any interaction
Canada's Olympic mittens
The Norwegian curling team's pants
China and Russia's hockey teams facing off
Vancouver Olympics Announcers
Plushenko/Lysacek international hatesex fest
Great Britain vs the United States women's curling event at the Winter Olympics
UK loses to USA in Women's Curling
AU where the nations are humans participating in the Olympics
USA. Canada. Gold medal grudgematch.
Threesome between Canada, Finland and US, their positions based on their medals
Canada won gold! N. American bros celebrate
Figure skating threesome
NorwayxDenmark or SwedenxDenmark
US/South Korea
Russia topping and trying to get America to admit that Plushenko was better
America is desperate to attract Russia and asks Johnny Weir for advice.
US/Canada - Gloating Canada
Olympic gangbang
Canada fucking a very willing America



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